The CRA is your resource for everything you need to know about running your business, and we offer a variety of ways to access the information you need. Here are some relevant and necessary legal updates to assist you in running a successful business.

Take a look at our 2017 Legislative Summary here.

Minimum Wage 

Amendment 70 is the constitutional amendment that increases Colorado’s minimum wage to $12/hour and the tipped wage to $8.98/hour by January 1, 2020.  The passage of this amendment raises Colorado’s minimum wage as follows:
Min Wage rates

2018 Labor Law posters have been delayed. To keep you in compliance until they arrive, please print off the Wage Order 34 and tape it over the minimum wage part of your current state poster. 

After that time, wages will increase annually according to the Boulder/Denver/Greeley CPI.  They will not decrease in the event of a recession. 

Hear Sonia Riggs, CRA President & CEO discuss some of the issues facing restaurants around the new minimum wage.

Labor Laws

  • Do you know that as a member of CRA you get free Labor Compliance posters? Email to request these items.
    • Colorado Labor Law laminated poster
    • Federal (NLRB) Labor Law laminated poster
    • Employee hand-washing posters for bathrooms
    • Patio “no drink beyond this point” posters
    • Membership window sticker
  • New Ruling on Tips in Colorado as of July 2017. Read about it HERE
  • New CO2 Regulations in Denver – New requirements on CO2 systems go into effect January 1st in Denver. This applies to systems with more than 100 pounds of CO2, or any system using any amount of Carbon Dioxide below grade.  Are you compliant? READ MORE 
  • Gender Neutral Bathroom Signage in Denver – Eateries and other establishments have until April 30, 2018, to change their restroom signs to remove references to gender and ensure there are locks on the exterior restroom door (again, only for single-occupant, family, and accessible restrooms – not bathrooms that contain multiple stalls). READ MORE
  • Overtime Ruling - BLOCKED! Read about it HERE.
  • Reasonable Accommodation Law for Pregnant Employees, NEW POSTING REQUIREMENTS. Read about it HERE.
  • New I-9 Form - Are you using the latest update to the I-9 Form? (PS - Thanks to the efforts of the CRA, you no longer need to complete the Colorado Affirmation Form.) As of September 18, 2017, all employers must use the updated Form I-9 with the revision date 07/17/17 N. Get it HERE
  • Need some  information on Immigration Rules? Learn more HERE.
  • National Restaurant Association files petition with U.S. Supreme Court for tip pooling case - HERE

Liquor Laws

  • Top 11 Liquor Violations - click here
  • Liquor Violation Prevention Seminar (slide deck) - click here
  • CRA Supports LED Proposed Rule Regarding Dual Consumption - Read more about it HERE

Food Code

  • Top 15 Most Common Health Inspection Violations - click here
  • Can I appeal my health inspection? - Visit the FAQ

ADA Lawsuits

  • So called ADA "drive-by" Lawsuits are on the rise in Colorado - Read MORE
  • See what NRA has to say about digital accessibility - Read MORE
  • Learn how to make your website ADA Compliant at A11y Project and Tota11y

Other Rules

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