While the state legislature is in session, it's essential that we pass the bill to extend alcohol to-go and delivery for two years. We anticipate this bill will be introduced the week of June 1 by Senators Jeff Bridges (D-Littleton), Kevin Priola (R-Thornton), and Rachel Zenzinger (D-Arvada) -- and we need your help to get it across the finish line. Please take a moment to respond to our call to action and tell your legislator to vote for this bill. Then please share this call to action with your circles -- we have a graphic you can use on social media, plus check presenters, table tents, and signs you can use in your restaurants.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your State Legislators to Support Extension of Alcohol To-Go and Delivery for Two More Years!
Senators Jeff Bridges (D-Littleton), Kevin Priola (R-Thornton), and Rachel Zenzinger (D-Arvada) will be introducing a bill to continue to allow on-premise liquor licenses to sell alcohol for off-premise consumption via takeout and delivery through July 1, 2022. We need you to reach out to members of the Colorado General Assembly TODAY to tell them what this additional source of revenue would mean for your business.

Take action.

This legislative proposal would offer on-premise liquor licensees a desperately needed source of revenue through the COVID-19 recovery period. The passage of this proposal could be the difference between the food and beverage industry making it through this crisis or seeing many establishments close permanently. We need your help communicating the great importance of this proposal to the Colorado State Legislature.

The recent draft of the proposal specifies:

  • The licensee may sell an alcohol beverage in a sealed container and deliver the alcohol to customers OR the licensee may allow a customer to purchase and remove the sealed alcohol beverage via takeout.
  • The licensee must offer to sell food with each sale of an alcohol beverage. If the licensee is not required to sell food, they must offer to sell at least prepackaged food which may be purchased from a retail food store. 
  • A "sealed container" is either the original sealed container or a container that complies with the rules of the Liquor Enforcement Division. The Liquor Enforcement Division will specify which containers are allowable.
  • All deliveries must be made by a person who is twenty-one years of age or older.

Take action now.

Help Us Spread the Word
We're seeing strong positive response from the public on this issue -- please share our call to action with your networks and encourage them to reach out to their legislators via our link. 

We've created a graphic you can share on social media. Find the PDF here, and the JPEG here. Share it with this link and ask people to join our cause.

We also have check presenters or table tents you can print out, and signs you can hang in your restaurants. These have a QR code that links to our call to action. 
4" x 6" portrait: here.
4" x 6" landscape: here.
5" x 7" portrait: here.
8.5" x 11" portrait: here.

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