Labor Laws

Do you know that as a member of CRA you get FREE Labor Compliance posters? Email to request these items.

  • Colorado Labor Law laminated poster.
  • Federal (NLRB) Labor Law laminated poster.
  • Employee hand-washing posters for bathrooms.
  • Patio “no drink beyond this point” posters.
  • New Federal Ruling on Tip Pooling. Read about the rules specific to Colorado here.
  • Overtime Ruling - BLOCKED! Read about it here.
  • Reasonable Accommodation Law for Pregnant Employees, POSTING REQUIREMENTS Read about it here.
  • I-9 Form - Are you using the latest update to the I-9 Form? (PS - Thanks to the efforts of the CRA, you no longer need to complete the Colorado Affirmation Form.) As of September 18, 2017, all employers must use the updated Form I-9 with the revision date 07/17/17 N. Get it here.
  • Need some information on Immigration Rules? Learn more here.

Liquor Laws

Food Code

ADA Lawsuits

  • So-called ADA "drive-by" Lawsuits are on the rise in Colorado - Read more here.
  • See what NRA has to say about digital accessibility - Read more here.
  • Learn how to make your website ADA Compliant via our partnership with DigiPro. Learn more here.

Other Rules

We often receive questions from our members on topics ranging from account information to legal issues. Below is a list of topics we're asked about most often! We've organized these questions and answered them in our Help Center. Visit the Help Center.

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