2016 Brought Many new Regulations - Are You Compliant? February 02,2017

Minimum Wage Increased January 1
As of January 1, 2017, Colorado’s minimum wage is as follows: Regular Minimum Wage = $9.30 hr., Tipped Wage = $6.28. Get the scheduled rates for the next four years HERE.
Reasonable Accommodation Law for Pregnant Employees
A new law passed in 2016 requires employers with one or more employees (basically every employer in Colorado) to inform employees of their rights regarding pregnancy accommodation. As of December 8, 2016, all current employees should have received written notice of this new law, and new employees must be informed when hired. Get a sample employee letter and details on the law HERE.
New I-9 Form and Elimination of Colorado Affirmation Form
There is a revised I-9 Form, read about it HERE. As you may recall, Colorado previously required you to complete the Colorado Affirmation Form in addition to the I-9 form for each new employee. In 2016, the CRA and others worked to eliminate this redundancy, so now you only need to complete the I-9 form for your new hires.
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Do you know that as a member of CRA you get free Labor Compliance posters? Email to request your 2017 poster.

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