Bottles-To-Go Tips from PepsiCo December 23,2020

How increasing your takeout options to include non-alcoholic bottles can increase your ticket ring and revenue

When Governor Polis extended liquor licenses to restaurants for carryout and to-go orders (Liquor Enforcement Division Bulletin), we all recognized the opportunity for restaurants to increase their sales. However, not all patrons choose to have an alcoholic beverage, and we are missing sales if we are not offering bottles-to-go.

Takeout and delivery options that include non-alcoholic beverages increase the average ticket ring for a family of four by $12.00 (using $3/beverage as an average). Many restaurants have been offering bottles of wine for the $10-$15 range, but that eliminates the opportunity for children and adults who choose non-alcoholic beverages. By including Soda, Tea, Lemonade, and other beverages all customers can have their choice from your restaurant.

Digital Food Delivery and Usage Increasing

Before the pandemic hit, Digital food delivery is projected to be a $467 billon business by 2025 (CNBC January 2020). Since March, 2020 we’ve extended the online ordering and delivery users from the traditional Millennial and GenZ to include all generations, and once adapted they continue to use the ordering sites. There is a 39pt beverage incidence gap between on-premise and digital ordering. Using alcohol sales and non-alcoholic beverages as part of your delivery solutions will almost double your current beverage sales.

Quarantine Wins in Off-Premise Beverage Sales

In doing some case studies coming into quarantine, Pepsi assisted some of our biggest customers to drive their off-premise beverage sales. This national chain added a deal meal and went from no beverage sales to-go to an average of 100 bottles sold in a week. It can be as simple as “order your wine for $10 and 4-20oz bottles of your choice for $10” then all family members get a beverage for $20. Using this example, your additional revenue is $20 per ticket that you didn’t have before the offer. Using this national chain as an example, they increased their revenue by $250/week selling their bottles at $2.50. Annual increase would be $13,000. It also encourages more wine sales not captured in this case study. Once customers know to order beverages from your location, they will continue to do so with an 88% repeat rate.

Bottled beverages are preferred for to-go and delivery methods, with 36% of consumers stating they will only purchase beverages if offered in bottles. Third party delivery systems also prefer bottles, citing less spillage in delivery vehicles.

Unique Offerings are Key to Beverage Purchasing

Beverage sales increase with more unique offerings at restaurants. Consumers won’t buy a beverage for take out if they have it at home, so the solution is to offer multiple varieties and to market it to make “everyone in the family happy”. For instance, consumers are more likely to stock a 2L beverage at home, but not likely to have the 20oz, re-sealable, transportable soda as readily available at home. It’s also a great way to introduce new products such as a flavored tea, new juice, or to please the kids with their root beer as an occasional treat. Including interesting varieties such as energy drinks can also increase your purchasing incidence, as consumers are more willing to pay higher pricing for trial from restaurants than the grocery store.

Beverage and To-Go and Delivery Natural Fit

Adding beverages to your restaurant to-go and delivery platforms takes on the same thought you have at your dine-in. Start with the beverage, end with the dessert. By challenging your order takers to ask “What can I get you for your beverage” as part of your process, it reminds the consumer to consider a beverage. Or, if online ordering, make the last question of the order “Would you like to include a beverage with your meal?” By offering consumers to interact with your restaurant no differently than dine-in, you will be opening your revenue and maximizing your ticket ring per order. Offering a value proposition is also a strong way to include beverage in your ordering, by offering the 4-pack with wine, or 20oz bottle with each entrée, or a special deal that includes beverage, but increases the ticket price of the meal, you are optimizing your menu options.

For further information on how PepsiCo can assist you in your beverage opportunities, please contact Jennifer at or visit PepsiCo Home.

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