COVID-19 UPDATE: CDPHE Allows Restaurants to Sell Whole Food March 22,2020

The Colorado Department of Health and Environment issued rules to allow restaurants to sell whole foods and products in bulk. See the full guidance here.

Per CDPHE: To provide service to communities and afford restaurateurs alternative financial and employment viability during this public health crisis, restrictions on the resale of bulk foods are being lifted and new temporary permissions instituted. Restaurants can provide certain goods to consumers for purchase or donation. Allowed products include household goods, such as toilet paper, paper towels, general cleaning supplies (sanitizing tablets, cleaning supplies, etc…), and food items such as non-perishable goods and unopened containers of milk and dairy products, packaged cheeses, raw meats and poultry.

Please keep in mind:

  • Products requiring refrigeration must remain under temperature control (≤41°F) until ready for pick up or delivery.
  • Establish a phone or an online order capability, have orders ready to avoid crowds of five or more during pick up.
  • Bulk items of dry goods must be sold in their original containers. 
  • Sale and delivery of alcohol must be done according to requirements of the Executive Order D2020 011 and Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division. Read about that order, which allows restaurants to sell alcohol to-go and for delivery, here.
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