COVID-19 UPDATE: Colorado Extends Two Tax Deadlines April 07,2020

On April 6, Governor Polis signed an executive order for a one-time extension on April sales tax remittance. Businesses that are required to file and remit sales tax return on April 20, 2020, are allowed to extend their filing and remittance to May 20, 2020, with no penalty. See the order here.

The Governor has also suspended business personal property taxes. Business personal property is defined as equipment, machinery, furniture, security devices, furnishings, and signs which are used for the production of income or in the operation of a business. You can read the order here

Governor Polis has expressed the need for suspended property tax payments, but that authority ultimately lies with the local governments. If counties are interested in suspending their property taxes, the state Department of Revenue has been instructed to be cooperative with them. We suggest you reach out to your local agency to understand what they are requiring for property taxes. We will continue to advocate for all forms of relief at the local, state, and federal levels of government. And we will continue to update you as we learn more.

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