COVID-19 UPDATE: Lenders Who May Be Accepting PPP Applications April 11,2020

In light of difficulties encountered by several restaurateurs applying for loans from the Paycheck Protection Program, we asked readers of these emails to let us know if they've successfully applied for the PPP and know their bank is taking applications from non-customers. Please know that the CRA has not vetted these lenders -- they are restaurant-to-restaurant recommendations. We will continue to add to this list as we hear more recommendations.

  • KeyBank at 2305 Colorado Blvd, Denver -- contact Michael Reid. Will take new clients, but requires them to open a business account ($50 deposit) to take the PPP application.
  • Collegiate Peaks Bank -- contact Christopher Browning. Accepting new customers.
  • Commercial Finance America -- contact Tom Hallstrom 402-991-8830, ext. 700, or Randy Hess 402-991-8830, ext. 701
  • Vectra Bank at 111 South Tejon, Suite 103, Colorado Springs -- contact Jon Hollman, 719-575-6431. Will take new clients, but requires them to open a business checking account to take the PPP application.
  • Heartland Payment Systems partnered with Lendio to accept PPP applications. Contact Steve Fisher, or 760-710-7446.
  • USBank -- will accept submissions from non-U.S. Bank customers, but encourages applicants to consider starting with a bank where they already do their banking.
  • TBK Bank 
  • Funding Circle 
  • Get Divvy 
  • We've also heard that some businesses are having more success applying at regional banks and credit unions.

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