COVID-19 UPDATE: Masks Now Required in Several Local Municipalities May 07,2020

A number of local governments have issued public health orders requiring masks to be worn in public. Here is a list of updated local mask orders and expiration dates:

  • Aspen – July 15
  • Boulder – no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Boulder County – no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Breckenridge – no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Denver – no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Edgewater - no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Englewood - no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Fort Collins – no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Glenwood Springs – no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Golden - no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Lafayette -  no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Larimer County – no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Louisville – August 30
  • Northglenn - no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Routt County – July 31
  • Summit County – no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Superior – no expiration date, in effect until repealed
  • Tri County (Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas Counties) – Still in rule-making, more information to come

Under many of these public health orders, by law, businesses are required to enforce that their customers wear masks while on their business premise.

  • Boulder: No person shall operator any public accommodation, unless persons therein including, employees, vendors and customers are required to wear non-medical face coverings.
  • Denver: Businesses and organizations performing Critical Government Functions must take all reasonable steps to prohibit any member of the public who is not wearing a Face Covering from entering and, if those efforts are unsuccessful, must not serve that person and must seek to remove that person.
  • Fort Collins: 1.) A person entering a property shall be notified of the requirement to wear a Face Covering and, if the person does not comply with the Face Covering requirement, such person will be asked to leave the property or area that requires a Face Covering. 2.) Any person with operational control of a property, including any employer, business operator or manager, who allows a person to remain inside or on the property without wearing a Face Covering shall also be guilty of a criminal misdemeanor. 3.) Businesses must post signage.
  • Lone Tree: All indoor critical and non-critical retail businesses operating in the City of Lone Tree are required to mandate that all customers and occupants of the establishment’s public spaces wear cloth face coverings.
  • Louisville: All places of public accommodation shall display at each entrance a sign provided by the City advising all persons of the requirements of this Ordinance, and that it is unlawful to enter such place of public accommodation without a required face covering.
  • Superior: No person shall operate any public accommodation unless all persons therein, including employees, vendors, and customers are required to wear nonmedical face coverings.
  • Routt County: 1.) Employees must self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms each day, including measuring the employee’s temperature. Businesses shall keep records that the screen was completed. Any employee that exhibits COVID-19 symptoms must be excluded from work. 2.) Hand sanitizer, soap and water, or effective disinfectant shall be made available at or near the entrance of the facility, any area where there is high-frequency employee interaction with members of the public such as cashiers, and other appropriate areas for use by attendees, the public, and employees. 3.) Where lines form at a facility, six-foot increments at a minimum must be marked, establishing where individuals should stand to maintain adequate social distancing. 4.) Signs at the entrance of each facility that remains in use must be posted informing all employees and customers that they should avoid entering the facility if they have a cough or fever, maintain minimum six-foot distance from one another, sneeze or cough into a cloth or tissue, or, if not available one’ elbow, not shake hands, or engage in any unnecessary physical contact.

We have created signs you can print and display in your business asking customers to wear masks. Find "masks required" option here and "masks recommended" here

As mask requirements become mandated in certain local municipalities, we’d like to share some suggestions that we have received from health officials as to how you can be compliant if you run across customers who refuse to comply.  First, be polite (as you always are with guests) and understand that there are various reasons that customers may not feel comfortable wearing a mask:  concerns over racial discrimination, health concerns (being able to breathe) and social/religious values. 
It is suggested that you politely let the non-compliant guest know that the law now requires that masks be worn when entering businesses. Express to them that you are concerned about getting in trouble with the law and have an obligation to keep your staff and other customers safe. Then politely ask that they adhere to social distancing guidelines while in your establishment and that they please wear a mask next time they enter your business. 
Find some information regarding racism and mask wearing that may be helpful here.

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