COVID-19 UPDATE: State Guidance on Canceling Events March 13,2020

Governor Polis recommends cancelling gatherings of more than 250 people.

At his press conference on March 13, Governor Polis issued recommendations to cancel gatherings of more than 250 people, unless safe social distancing measures (i.e., insuring small parties remain at least six feet from other small parties) can be implemented. See the State's full guidance here.

What does this mean for restaurants that have capacity for 250+?
The Governor's office has not issued any guidelines for compliance with this recommendation as it relates to businesses with capacity of 250+, but  businesses can take their own proactive measures in order to comply, including: 

  • Businesses with 250+ person capacity will not be instructed to close, but restaurants should keep a headcount of all guests that enter the building to keep their capacity at or below 250 people. This number should include all the restaurant employees that are working that day.
  • Restaurants should practice social distancing and seat tables/groups six feet away from one another. If there is a group dining together, they do not need to be six feet away from the other members of their group, but they need to be at least six feet away from other groups of customers.

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