Denver Extends Patio Expansion Program Through October 31 August 04,2020

Denver's patio extension program was set to expire September 7 -- but the City just announced that it has been extended to run through October 31. Businesses that are utilizing public right-of-way (e.g., sidewalk, tree lawn, and/or a portion of the street) and received a Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) permit need to make a decision (please emailDOTI directly with your choice):

  1. Continue to operate with additional right-of-way until September 7 and then remove all encroachments.  No additional action is required until 9/7.
  2. Request to participate in the extension program through October 31.  For this option, you must request an extension as soon as possible by emailing  Please list the name of your establishment, the address, your permit number, and a copy of your certificate of insurance showing coverage through 10/31.  Your permit number will be in the form of 2020-PW-00#####.  This request will be reviewed by DOTI Staff. Please send this information directly to DOTI at
Why can’t permits be automatically renewed?
  • Insurance is required as part of this permit and many permittees only extended their policy through the 9/7 date.
  • Some locations may already have scheduled construction activities that would conflict with your expansion.
  • If you wish to modify your setup taking into consideration the changes in weather during September and October, DOTI needs an updated site plan to ensure the desired changes still allow for public safety and mobility.  Additional inspections and permits may be required.
Why now?
  • DOTI wants to provide sufficient time to enable seamless operations of your business. The department knows these are challenging times, so it is trying to provide as much time as possible for you to make the necessary updates and for DOTI to evaluate your location to provide you with a full understanding of what may be planned during the additional two months that this temporary program has been allowed to operate.
What are the permit costs of the extension?
  • DOTI Fees for the temporary program and the extension are waived!
What to do if you have more questions?
  • The Temporary Outdoor Expansion information page is found HERE.
  • The DOTI e-Permitting page where you can access your account and permit files is located HERE.
  • And, should you have any questions or require assistance with this process, please feel free to contact DOTI at

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