Live Music Clarification June 23,2020

We know many of you have questions about whether live music is allowable. We've received following parameters from a Denver city attorney that give additional clarity on the public health orders after speaking with the Governor’s office:

  1. Live entertainment is allowed.
  2. All performers and members of the entertainment group (singers, band, roadies, stage hands) must wear masks at all times.
  3. This means that band members who play a wind instrument are disallowed.
  4. This also means that singers must wear a mask when they’re singing.  
  5. The entertainment must be socially distanced from the audience and from each other.
  6. The entertainment may not touch each other or the audience, and the audience may not touch the performers (e.g., strip clubs must not allow patrons to touch the performers to deposit money/tips for the performers).

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