Local Small Business Grant Programs June 29,2020

Centennial CARES: Small Business Grants

The City of Centennial is currently accepting applications for their small business grant program. The Centennial CARES: Small Business Grants are intended to help small businesses in Centennial who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with reopening and adapting to COVID-19 compliance requirements. In partnership with Arapahoe County, Centennial’s City Council has directed $5 million of City funding to be used to support the small business community.

Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. A maximum of $30,000 can be awarded per eligible business. If you have questions or need more information, send them an e-mail.

Learn more and apply here.

Arapahoe County CARES for Businesses

Arapahoe County is launching a $6 million grant program targeted to small and medium size businesses in Arapahoe County to ease the current economic burden resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic and provide support to retain jobs in the community.

Two grant categories will be available:

Business Interruption

Grant can be used to support the operational needs of the business such as lease/mortgage payments, utility expenses, payroll expense, supplies and services, materials. (If grant funding was received by the business within the past 6 months, the amount received will be deducted from the award.)

Grant amounts will be determined by number of employees

1-50                       Up to $10,000

51-250                   Up to $15,000

251-500                Up to $20,000


Funds can be used to purchase items needed to adapt your business to new processes or items needed to operate in a different manner due to the COVID-19 crisis, including PPE. This grant will reimburse items purchased back to March 1, 2020 used to safely adapt and/or change your business to operate within the COVID-19 pandemic. The program will also allow you to plan future expense and be reimbursed at the time of the expense through November 30, 2020.

Maximum amount up to $20,000.

The applications are due by July 3, 2020. Learn more and apply here.

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