Pinnacol Distributes $1.6M General Dividend to Colorado Restaurants March 23,2021

Pinnacol distributes $1.6M general dividend to Colorado restaurants

This month, Pinnacol Assurance distributed workers’ compensation dividend checks to almost 3,000 of its Colorado restaurant customers. This is the sixth consecutive year Pinnacol has issued the dividend. 

Pinnacol’s board of directors approved a total general dividend of $50 million to the insurer’s customers all all industries. Almost 53,000 employers throughout the state — 95 percent of the company’s customers — will receive a dividend. 

Dividend checks are calculated based on the customer’s premium size and performance. The average dividend check for Colorado restaurants will be $543

“Returning $50 million back to our customers will enable them to invest in their businesses after an exceptionally challenging year,” said Phil Kalin, Pinnacol’s president and CEO. “These funds represent our careful stewardship of customers’ premium dollars and our customers’ commitment to keeping their employees safe and healthy at work. 

Pinnacol has issued a dividend thirteen times since 2005, a result of its financial health and stability. With this dividend, Pinnacol has now returned over $320 million in total general dividends to Colorado businesses over the past six years.

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