Special Legislative Session: What You Need to Know December 03,2020

State lawmakers adjourned from the first extraordinary session of the 72nd General Assembly this afternoon. After being called back by Governor Polis to consider urgent legislation related to COVID-19, the state legislators passed 10 bills targeted toward four legislative goals:

  • A small business relief package with direct aid and tax relief
  • Housing and rental assistance 
  • Support for child care providers 
  • Expanding broadband access to students and educators
Of those bills, three will provide direct relief to restaurants through business assistance grants, sales tax relief, relief from licensing fees in 2021 and the temporary ability for counties to regulate third-party delivery companies. We were actively involved by advocating for restaurants through this legislative process, and we are grateful to the state legislature and Governor Polis for their efforts to provide much needed relief to the Colorado restaurant community. We know that this relief will not be enough to get many restaurateurs through the difficult months ahead, and we will continue to fight for you every day.
  • Senate Bill 001 – will provide $37 million for direct relief to small-business (including restaurants) located in a county that is subject to, and in compliance with, severe capacity restrictions. The bill also allocates funds to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and the Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) in lieu of those agencies charging annual licensing fees to restaurants. Details on how this will be administered have not been finalized and we will communicate those details as we have them. This bill has passed through the legislature and is waiting for the Governor’s signature.  
  • House Bill 1004 – will allow specific businesses (including restaurants) to keep a portion of the state sales tax they collect. If signed into law, qualified businesses will be allowed to keep up to $2,000 a month of the state sales tax they collect for the months of November and December 2020 and January and February of 2021. This bill has passed through the legislature and is waiting for the Governor’s signature.  
  • House Bill 1005 – will allow counties and statutory cities and towns to regulate third-party delivery companies. The regulatory authority would be limited to the fee charged to restaurants, prohibit a third-party delivery company from reducing driver compensation, require a third-party delivery company to disclose all fees to the consumer, and restrict the third-party delivery companies from performing services for restaurants without their consent. This bill has passed through the legislature and is waiting for the Governor’s Signature. 

Click here to view all of the bills that we were actively involved in lobbying, tracking, or amending.

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