Statewide Mask Mandate July 24,2020

In order to head off a surge in COVID cases, the Governor announced an Executive Order to require all members of the public age 10 and up to wear masks in public indoor spaces. This order took effect at midnight tonight July 17. Diners sitting at their tables and eating in restaurants are exempt, but everyone should wear masks as they move around the restaurants. The Governor cited data driving his decision, including higher mask-wearing rates and lower COVID transmission rates in counties with mask mandates, and emphasized that this mandate is meant to stave off more drastic measures like a second shutdown. 

We have not seen the details of the order yet, so do not yet know exactly how the State plans to enforce this order, but Governor Polis did say that business owners and employees will be able to call law enforcement officials to report customers who are not complying, and those agencies will treat these violations as trespassing charges. Businesses will also be expected to comply with CDPHE guidelines or risk losing their licenses. As soon as we know more, we will update you.

In the meantime, you can find signage for posting here.

The Governor also announced that he will institute a two-week pause on issuing more variances to counties in Colorado. Counties that have already been issued variances and are seeing numbers rise may need to use their mitigation plans or risk losing their variances.

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