What does the new Colorado Digital ID mean for restaurants? November 01,2019

On Wednesday, October 30, Governor Jared Polis signed an executive order authorizing the launch of Colorado Digital ID in the myColorado app. Beginning December 1, 2019, this digital ID will be a legal form of identification. 

For now, restaurants and bars are not required to accept Colorado Digital ID as a valid form of ID for serving alcohol. We anticipate a fairly significant training lift for restaurants; there are security features that don't currently exist for normal IDs, and servers and bartenders will need to be educated on what these are. Alcohol training classes, like ServSafe Alcohol, will soon be updated to include training on Colorado Digital ID, but do not yet cover this. In the meantime, restaurants and bars are still able to ask for physical IDs. 

However, the Department of Revenue’s Liquor Enforcement Division is making an emergency rules change to allow Colorado Digital ID to count toward Affirmative Defense -- that is, if a server or bartender is presented digital ID as age verification and serves someone after looking at it, they will have an Affirmative Defense toward preserving their liquor license if it turns out that person happens to be a minor. Which means if you are comfortable with its security features and would like to begin accepting Colorado Digital ID on December 1, 2019, you are able to do so. 

Please contact our office if you have questions about how this works. We’ll continue to update the restaurant community as we learn more.

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