What to Expect When ICE Knocks on Your Door June 29,2017

The CRA has been receiving an increased number of calls from employers that have received a visit from ICE agents or who are concerned about what to do when/if they do receive a visit.
We thank Hans Meyer and Julie Gonzales of The Meyer Law Office for conducting a free seminar designed to give you an update on what to expect, what your rights as an employer are and how to comply with immigration laws during the hiring process.
This presentation covered:
• Background: Trump administration immigration enforcement policies
• I-9 Audits – The process & the consequences
• Social Security “No-Match Letters”
• What you have to do if confronted by an “ICE RAID”
• What you can do for before an ICE raid occurs
• What you can do for employees who have been “picked up” Immigration court 101
• Recent Scenarios
• Question and Answers
Some Handout Materials from that seminar are found below.
And in case you need an updated I-9 Form, you can get it HERE
If you have any questions about this content, contact the CRA Office 303-830-2972. Or contact The Meyer Law Office, PC for more information specifically on Immigration Law.

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