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How do I know how many digital menu boards I need?

There’s no one magic number. We sat down with WAND Project Manager, Garon Rowland, and got the inside scoop on how she gets client...

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How to Process Payments in an Outage

  Most payment processing systems, including point-of-sale terminals, operate through an internet connection. Unfortunately, technology isn’t always the most reliable. It can freeze...

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Ready, set: New silica standards are almost a go

Implementation of the new standards for respirable crystalline silica for general industry is just around the corner. Need a refresher as...

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No Signature Required on Major Card Brands

Every April and October, the four major card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) make policy changes to their interchange fees. Starting this month, a few more changes ar...

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Four Things to Know about Offering Gift Cards

By Jill Nyboer, Aprio LLC | Vendor Bylines --  Gift card sales are increasing with each year and with good reason. They are an exc...

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Pinnacol Pointers: Tips to Prevent Tripping Up in Winter Weather

One million Americans slip, trip, or fall every year, costing employers an average of $40,000 per incident and accounting for 20 percent ...

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Lost Food and Changing the System that Fosters It

A Conversation with Patrick Bultema of FoodMaven --   The current state of Food Waste in the country is now 40% of everything U...

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Pinnacol Pointers: Safe Lifting - Got Your Employee's Back?

In 2013, overexertion injuries from lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling materials accounted for $15 billion in workers’ compensa...

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Securing your Payments Processing

  October marks the two-year anniversary of the U.S. migration to EMV smart-chip enabled payment technology. Despite the fact that the migration was accompanied by a card-present fraud li...

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Denver Restaurant Owners Have More Options for Restaurant Reservation Systems

Reservation management is a common pain point for many restaurant operators. How can you avoid lost sales with the inevitable no-shows? ...

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