Hospitality News March 14, 2018

March 14, 2018


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Gender Neutral Bathroom Signage in Denver

Last year City Council voted to amend its building code to require that all new and existing single-stall restrooms provide signs designating them as gender neutral. You have until April 30 to make this change and ensure there are locks on the door. This change does not require the construction of single stall bathrooms - it only requires that if a business has a single-stall bathroom, it must be gender neutral. Remember, this does not apply to bathrooms that contain multiple stalls. Contact us if you have any questions about this new rule. READ MORE from the City of Denver.


Boulder Tax on Sugary Beverages has New Rules

Recently, Boulder City Council passed a new ordinance stating that it is illegal for a retailer who is passing the sugary beverage tax through to their customers to call the charge a “tax” on their receipt.   Acceptable wording includes “pass through,” “surcharge,” or other words that indicate that it is not a direct tax on the transaction. Their reasoning behind this ordinance is that the tax is not charged directly to the consumer, it was intended to be charged to the retailer. Read the full list of FAQs from the City of Boulder.



Auction Alcohol at Special Events
We’ve told you about changing the law to formally allow charities to host silent auctions at your restaurant with sealed bottles of alcohol. Good news! After receiving unanimous support from lawmakers, Senate Bill 67 became law. Now, charity events can legally auction off sealed bottles of alcohol at your restaurant to be taken home.

Transfer of Alcohol
In other news - the transfer of alcohol bill we initiated should land on the Governor’s desk for signature in a couple of weeks. As a reminder, this bill would allow restaurant owners, in certain circumstances, to sell their remaining alcohol to another of their locations when they permanently close a restaurant. We’ll let you know when it has become law.


There are two other bills we are monitoring so they do not take a sudden turn and affect restaurants.

Sale of 3.2 Beer
Senate Bill 198 by Sen Scott (R-Grand Junction) would create a new liquor license allowing any retailer currently selling 3.2% beer to serve full strength beer. This would apply to convenience stores, grocery stores, and other businesses that currently only sell 3.2% beer. The CRA is monitoring this legislation to ensure it doesn’t impact restaurants. This bill will be heard in the Senate State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee.

Marijuana Consumption
House Bill 1258 by Rep Singer (D-Boulder) and Rep Melton (D-Aurora) would give any medical marijuana or retail marijuana shop the ability to have a consumption permit. This consumption permit would be a separate business, within the same jurisdiction as their original license where customers would have the ability to purchase marijuana to be consumed on site. This location would not have the ability to serve alcohol or prepared food. The CRA is monitoring this legislation to prevent allowing dual consumption of marijuana and alcohol. This bill will be heard in the House Finance Committee.


As always, if you are interested in our legislative efforts be sure to read the latest Legislative Update. We update this document with any changes during the legislative session. If you have further questions on any of these issues do not hesitate to reach out to Nick Hoover for clarification.



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