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The Colorado Restaurant Foundation offers Angel Relief Fund (ARF) grants to support industry employees with financial assistance for unexpected illness, injury, natural disaster, or mental health care.

Angel Relief Fund Hardship Grants

The ARF is a safety net for workers who are employed but are experiencing general hardship. We provide financial assistance of $1,000 to those in crisis due to an unexpected illness, injury, or natural disaster.


Angel Relief Fund grants are available for any Colorado hospitality worker who:

  • Has a primary source of income rooted in food and beverage and is currently employed in the restaurant industry
  • Lives in the state of Colorado
  • Encounters an emergency that’s an unexpected, non-recurring crisis

Eligible Hardships

Unanticipated hardships fit into one of the following categories:

  • Injury caused by an accident (such as a slip, fall, or crash) requiring hospitalization or other acute care
  • Illness requiring hospitalization or other acute care
  • Death or catastrophic illness or injury of an immediate family member imposing a financial or full-time caregiving burden on the worker
  • Disaster, such as flood, fire, or storm damage (to name a few) causing disruption of a worker’s job or ability to work

Angel Relief Fund Mental Health Grants

The Colorado Restaurant Foundation’s Angel Relief Fund offers assistance for mental-health treatment to Colorado restaurant and hospitality employees, with grants of up to $1,000, paid directly to your mental health-care provider.

The CRF has partnerships with Khesed Wellness, for in-person and online appointments, and Teladoc, for 24/7 online appointments. If you prefer to work with another mental health-care provider, grant funds can still be used if the provider meets specific criteria. Once approved, your provider can apply for reimbursement of care (up to $1,000). Invoices may be redacted to exclude diagnosis information to protect your privacy.

Applicants are eligible to receive only one grant per person.

Apply for an ARF Hardship Grant

Financial assistance to help you through difficult times

Apply for a Hardship Grant

Apply for a Mental Wellness Grant

Financial assistance for one-time or ongoing mental health care

Apply for a Mental Health-Care Grant

Donate to the Angel Relief Fund

Provide the gift of financial stability for industry workers experiencing hardship

Rachel Pryor-Lease

Have questions or want to learn more about the mission of the CRF?

Rachel Pryor-Lease, CRF Director of Development, is available to answer any questions you have. Contact her at:  (303) 830-2972 x115