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The CRF’s Angel Relief Fund offers emergency assistance to Colorado hospitality employees facing an unanticipated hardship such as injury or illness requiring hospitalization or other acute care, death or catastrophic illness of an immediate family member, or disaster, such as flood, fire, or storm damage. The incident must have occurred within the past 6 months. CRF provides emergency assistance fund grants of $1,000.00.

Requirements to receive a hardship grant:

  • Have a primary source of income rooted in food and beverage and are currently employed in the restaurant industry
  • Live in the state of Colorado
  • Encounter an emergency that’s an unexpected, non-recurring crisis.

Types of hardships we cover:

  • Injury caused by an accident (such as a slip, fall, or crash) requiring hospitalization or other acute care
  • Illness requiring hospitalization or other acute care
  • Death or catastrophic illness or injury of an immediate family member imposing a financial or full-time caregiving burden on the worker
  • Disaster, such as flood, fire, or storm damage (to name a few) causing disruption of a worker’s job or ability to work

Hardships we DO NOT cover:

  • COVID-19 infection, unless requiring hospitalization
  • Parental leave
  • Ongoing medical or caregiving issues or expenses
Rachel Pryor-Lease

Have questions or want to learn more about the mission of the CRF?

Rachel Pryor-Lease, CRF Director of Development, is available to answer any questions you have. Contact her at:  (303) 830-2972 x115