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The ServSafe®® training and certification suite leads the way in providing comprehensive educational materials to the restaurant industry through both face-to-face and online instruction.

  • Information about upcoming CRA ServSafe® classes can be found on our events calendar.
  • In-person classes are held at the CRA office, located at 430 E. 7th Avenue in Denver (unless otherwise indicated).
  • There are also online options available for ServSafe® Allergens and ServSafe® Sexual Harassment Prevention training and certification.

For more information about specific training and certifications, check out the CRA’s lineup of ServSafe® offerings below. Please email or call 303-830-2972 with any questions.

ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification


More than 5 million foodservice professionals across the country have been certified through the ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification exam, which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP).

Who should attend: managers, supervisors, chefs, kitchen managers, owners, operators.


Through this one-day immersion training (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.), you’ll learn about basic food safety concepts, foodborne illness and how to prevent it, and how to train fellow employees in food sanitation.

ADVANCED STUDY IS REQUIRED FOR THIS CLASS! Please register at least three weeks before the date of your desired class so we can mail your class materials in time.


  • ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification classes, materials, and exam:
    • $140 per student (for employees of CRA member restaurants)
    • $180 per student (for employees of non-member restaurants)


Due to an increase in student registrations and limited class size, if a student fails to attend without contacting the CRA at least three business days prior to the class date to arrange for rescheduling, the student will not be issued a credit or refund, nor will they be automatically moved to the next class date. They will need to re-register for a future class at a cost of $50.

Please contact us at 303-830-2972 or if you have further questions. Thanks for your understanding!


As of 2019, the Colorado Food Code requires that every restaurant be staffed with at least one manager or supervisor who has the authority to direct and control food preparation and is a certified Food Protection Manager.

ServSafe® Alcohol Certification


The ServSafe® Alcohol training program is developed by the National Restaurant Association and industry experts who have direct experience with the risks involved in serving alcohol. This connection to the foodservice industry provides insights that help prepare you for difficult situations.

Who should attend: bartenders, supervisors, servers, cocktail servers, managers, owners


The purpose of the four-hour ServSafe® Alcohol Program through the CRA is to ensure that servers, bartenders, and managers have the information they need to understand and implement the skills of responsible service. Participants will leave the program confident in their ability to make sound decisions and handle potentially intoxicated guests.


  • ServSafe® Alcohol class, workbook, and exam:
    • $40 per student (for employees of CRA member restaurants)
    • $55 per student (for employees of non-member restaurants)

All students MUST pre-pay with a credit card in order to sign up for this class. Please email or call 303-830-2972 with any questions.


ServSafe® Alcohol was the first approved course by the Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) to meet qualifications for designation as a “Responsible Vendor.” This course is known as a mitigating factor by the LED. When your team is trained, and new employees are trained within 90 days, your team will be known as a responsible vendor. You can read the details in the Colorado Liquor Rules.

Note: ServSafe Alcohol certification is mandatory for liquor stores that conduct tastings and may be mandatory in your town/municipality.

ServSafe® Allergens Online Course

The ServSafe® Allergens online, interactive course drives home critical information your employees and managers need in order to accommodate guests with food allergies. The ServSafe® Allergens online course covers such topics as identifying allergens, communication with the guest, preventing cross-contact, food labels and more. Available in both English and Spanish.

COST: $22

ServSafe® Sexual Harassment Prevention

ServSafe® has released an interactive digital training program that addresses sexual harassment and the harmful impact it has on businesses and individuals, including harassment victims and bystanders. Aligned with EEOC guidelines, this relatable training was designed specifically for the restaurant industry as a direct response to the changing conversation around sexual harassment post #metoo. Scenario-based learning focuses on the impact to individuals and emphasizes the responsibility each employee has to maintaining a respectful and inclusive workplace.

COST: $22 (employee edition) or $30 (manager edition)

ServSafe® Training Materials and Textbooks

When signing up for a class through the CRA, your materials are included in the registration price. Want to learn more about the materials or order additional materials?

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