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The CRA and CRF continue to expand the education and training opportunities available to our members and the industry as a whole, encompassing a wide range of individuals looking to enter the restaurant, hospitality, and foodservice workforce.


The hardest working people in the industry are working for you right now – make sure you keep them! ServSuccess was built for industry employees who are hungry to get ahead in life and operators who understand that growing people is key to their future success.

From online courses, interactive learning suites, and industry-recognized certifications, ServSuccess is the most comprehensive career path discovery-based training designed by the restaurant industry to support the restaurant industry.

The average cost of recruiting and training a new employee is almost $2,000 per hire. Give your employees a reason to stay by providing them with the training they want and need.

Restaurant Ready™

Restaurant Ready™ is a national program dedicated to engaging and empowering disengaged opportunity youth, reentry adults, and underserved populations who require work readiness skills to pursue a path to employment and life-long success.

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) currently operates 18 Restaurant Ready™ programs across the country. The NRAEF’s program provides training in six work-ready competency areas defined by the restaurant industry — competencies which are critical for them to gain work-readiness skills and be successful throughout their careers, no matter what path they choose.