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Every day, decisions are made at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver that can change the way local restaurant operators do business. As an owner/operator, you don’t have time to monitor every debate, discussion, and proposal that develops in the State Legislature. The CRA invests that time for you.

While you are busy building and running a profitable business, our Government Affairs team, which includes experienced lobbyists, is promoting and protecting your interests, influencing the legislative decisions that ultimately determine your success.

CRA membership gives you access to insider legislative updates and includes your voice as part of the leading restaurant advocacy organization in Colorado.

Advocacy is…

  • Educating lawmakers about what issues are important to you and your business.
  • Sharing your story with elected officials to help them understand how the policy they create affects restaurateurs.
  • Using your voice to influence change in the restaurant community.

Top 2022 CRA Wins

$40 Million in Restaurant Tax Relief

We lobbied for another round of tax relief for restaurants through HB22-1406, which will save Colorado businesses up to $2,000/month for July, August, and September 2022, for up to five restaurant locations.

$600 Million Backfilled to the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund

We fought fiercely to secure a $600 million backfill to the state Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund to stabilize employer premiums and save restaurants from the increased costs associated with bringing the fund back to solvency.

Eliminated the Registered Manager Requirement

We proposed and succeeded in passing a policy to remove the outdated and unnecessary registered manager requirement for certain liquor licenses, saving restaurants time and money.

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Why is Advocacy Important?

The CRA is the voice of Colorado’s restaurant industry, and even though our Government Affairs team works tirelessly to advocate on your behalf, we still need your help.

  • Lawmakers want to hear feedback directly from their constituents to help craft policy that reflects the needs of their community.
  • Legislators need you to educate them on what it takes to operate a restaurant.
  • They need to see that there are real people who are struggling every day to keep up with Colorado’s growing list of mandates, regulations, and pressures.

Top 2023 CRA Priorities

  • Continuing to facilitate a strong restaurant recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Limiting any proposed business regulations that could hinder recovery and restaurant growth in Colorado
  • Continuing expanded outdoor dining as a seasonal allowance
  • Fixing the tip credit (tip offset) to allow for better pay equity in restaurants

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