Jill & Larry DiPasquale - Noel & Tammy Cunningham Humanitarian Award

This award is one of our most prestigious awards and is named for Noel and Tammy Cunningham due to their dedication to serving their community through volunteer work, advocacy, leadership, and philanthropy in a significant way. Tammy Cunningham was at the ceremony to present the award.
Epicurean Culinary Group, was a small, family owned business and which turned it into a leading food service company. Both Larry and Jill DiPasquale hold a passion for the philanthropic arm of the company: Epicurean Cares. Giving back to society by not only feeding and providing hospitality to those less fortunate, but also engaging the community with respect, dignity, and care. Years ago Noel Cunningham presented a challenge to Larry, to be a “leader of the next generation of food service professionals that give back and have an impact on the community”. Larry and Jill have embraced the adage of when much is given, much will be required and championed this through philanthropic efforts.

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