Winter Vehicle Kits to Keep Your Drivers Safe December 11,2018

We know budgets are pinched, but strongly consider investing in winter vehicle emergency kits for your fleets or workers on the road. They can be purchased for $35 to $70. They’re portable and convenient, and you’ll likely spend less time outfitting your drivers with them than in building customized kits of your own.
Most of the items we list come in ready-made kits, but we’ve suggested alternatives and extras we believe will enhance your employees’ safety on snowy, icy roads. The goal of a well-stocked winter kit is to (a) enable the driver to dig out and get to the destination or (b) contact and wait for roadside assistance safely and with warmth and nourishment.
Winter car kit items:
• Battery booster cables or a portable jump-starter.
• Ice scraper, preferably a snow brush/scraper that clears accumulated snow as well as ice.
• Portable shovel to dig out when stuck or to clear space around the tailpipe.
• Bag of sand for traction for spinning tires.
• Spare tire and aerosol can of tire sealant for punctures. (Or call roadside assistance.)
• Flashlight with extra batteries.
• Signaling cones, flares or roadside triangles.
• Reflective safety vest.
• Basic first-aid kit.
• Cellphone and charger.
• Gloves, hat, poncho, winter boots, packable down coat and blanket.
• Moist wipes and clean rags.
• Tow strap for pulling vehicle from ditch.
• Fire extinguisher. (Caution workers to step away if they are imperiled. Property’s salvageable; lives aren’t.)
• Plenty of water, granola and protein bars.
Pinnacol and other resources
The Old Farmer’s Almanac offers a more exhaustive list of items for winter vehicle kits. The Knowledge Center on Pinnacol’s website provides a host of resources on driving safety, including a link to OSHA’s webpages of winter driving information and resources. Through our partnership with J.J. Keller, we offer an online, self-paced driving safety course, and you’ll find this and many other employee education materials and links at Pinnacol’s Knowledge Center.
We’re here to help. To learn more, contact Pinnacol’s Safety On Call at, 303.361.4700 or 888.501.4752.

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