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Workers' Comp 101: What Colorado Restaurants Need to Know

Workers' Comp 101: What Colorado restaurants need to know Cuts. Slips and falls. Bruises. Strains. Burns. These are the top five kinds of ...

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How to Navigate Colorado's New Mask Guidance: Tips From Pinnacol Assurance

You have probably seen the new mask guidance issued last month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which says peop...

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Preparing for a Post-Pandemic World: Tips From Pinnacol Assurance

Whatever industry you work in, the big story over the past 15 months has been the pandemic. As we near the halfway point of 2021, the story ...

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SpotOn Forges Lasting Relationships to Help Restaurants on Their Road to Recovery

Adversity puts our values to the test—individuals and organizations alike. For SpotOn, an innovative restaurant point-o...

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How to Improve Your Ventilation as the Seasons Change

CDC ventilation guidance The CDC notes that these 10 interventions can reduce the risk of exposure to the virus and spread of disease, but t...

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Pinnacol Distributes $1.6M General Dividend to Colorado Restaurants

Pinnacol distributes $1.6M general dividend to Colorado restaurants This month, Pinnacol Assurance distributed workers’ compensatio...

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Complimentary Contract Tracing from SpotOn

Adapt your restaurant to the new normal with a contact tracing front-of-house platform that simplifies everything – for both your staff and your guests....

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4 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Adopt New Local Delivery Technology

The ongoing pandemic has drastically increased consumer demand for online food delivery, as foodies who would normally be eating at their fa...

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