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The ongoing pandemic has drastically increased consumer demand for online food delivery, as foodies who would normally be eating at their favorite restaurants are instead looking to enjoy meals in the safety and comfort of their own homes. In the past, this would have put many Colorado restaurant operators in a pinch, having to either launch their own labor-intensive delivery operation or rely on costly third-party delivery apps. Luckily, there’s now a better solution through the Colorado Restaurant Association’s preferred technology partner, SpotOn. With their new local delivery service, your restaurant can leverage DoorDash’s reliable network of drivers, while maintaining control of 4 key factors.

  1.   Boosting Revenue

With indoor capacity restrictions a continual threat and outdoor dining hampered by winter weather, it’s imperative to maximize off-premise dining options. Online ordering enables your guests to order takeout and delivery directly from you without needing to download a third-party delivery app. This can lead to a much-needed boost in sales. Indeed, many restaurants using online ordering and local delivery with SpotOn are seeing increases in sales of 10% or more compared to their pre-pandemic numbers.

  1.   Keeping Costs Low

Restaurants that rely on third-party delivery apps typically pay commission rates of 20 – 30% or more on each delivery order. This cuts into already thin profit margins, and is particularly hard to swallow with COVID-19 restrictions. In contrast, local delivery from SpotOn has a flat fee of $7.95 per delivery order, which can largely be offset by adding a small delivery fee when customers place an order on your website. Additionally, the SpotOn delivery service uses on-demand drivers, meaning you don’t need to hire and manage additional employees as part of an in-house delivery solution.

  1.   Improving Your Guest Experience

The online ordering service from SpotOn gives your guests a seamless experience, whether they’re ordering takeout or pickup—an experience that is fast and safe with options for contactless delivery. A customer simply chooses contactless delivery and then adds a note to their online order, such as, “Leave food on the front steps.” DoorDash will then send your customer an order confirmation, making it easy for them to track their order. By creating a positive ordering and delivery experience, your guests are far more likely to order directly from you again.

  1.   Owning Your Guest Data

When a customer orders food from you through a third-party delivery app, the company that operates the app now owns your guest data, with the ability to market directly to them and even send them to your competitors. With SpotOn Delivery, you keep all of your guest data, giving two distinct advantages. First, you’ll get real-time ordering data and analytics, giving you the information you need to adapt your menu and operating hours as business conditions change. Second, you’ll have the ability to retarget your delivery guests with marketing campaigns to drive repeat visits to your restaurant.

Combined with a quick implementation process and 24/7 support included, adding local delivery is a smart decision that can help your restaurant not only get through the pandemic, but also be equipped for big growth throughout 2021 and beyond.

Want to know more? 
Contact Scott Youkilis, Restaurateur-in-Residence, SpotOn


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