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The Denver City Council has passed a bill to streamline retail and wholesale food licensing fees. Changes will go into effect on June 8, 2023.

The changes include:

  • Setting a flat application fee of $150 for all wholesale and retail food licenses;
  • Reducing the number of annual wholesale licensing fee categories from 12 to one; and
  • Reducing the number of annual retail licensing fee categories from 19 to one.

The changes are intended to positively impact food-related licenses, reducing annual fees for most food licensees in the City and County of Denver. As a result, 81% of retail food businesses are guaranteed to see either no change or a reduction in their annual fees and 85% of wholesale food businesses are guaranteed to see a reduction in their annual fees.

Also, the Department of Excise and Licenses will move all food licensing applications and renewals online. In-person assistance will remain available for those who need it.

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