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Would you rather have an agent who knows a little about everything or a lot about you?


Established in 1993, CREST Restaurant Insurance (CRI) is a full-service Commercial Property and Casualty insurance agency that specializes in insurance products for the foodservice and hospitality industry.

The CRI takes a consultative approach to identify and address the unique business challenges those in the hospitality industry and foodservice operators face. We listen, gather information, and develop a strategy to protect your business. As a restaurant owner, you’ve poured your sweat, time, and energy into a restaurant you want to take off more than anything. From discovering your desire for creating tasty dishes to taking out your first loan, starting a restaurant is a lot of hard work that requires careful preparation.

Whether you’ve wanted your own restaurant for years or decades, it’s important that you take all of the necessary steps to make sure your restaurant is in top form. You’re in the business of creating and serving delicious food, and if you’re like most restaurant owners, you’d prefer not to get bogged down with excessive paperwork. Every minute spent on administrative details (like insurance coverage) is a minute taken away from more important activities (like delivering value to paying customers).

But having the right type of restaurant insurance can actually reduce paperwork. More importantly, proper liability coverage helps protect you in instances of property damage and loss of income.

No patron will ever rate your establishment based on the quality of your paperwork. They come for the dining experience – consumables are literally your bread & butter. But without proper restaurant insurance, you could face countless risks that can do far more damage than a negative Yelp review ever could.

From our partners at Crest Restaurant Insurance

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