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Pinnacol distributes $1.5M general dividend to Colorado restaurants

This month, Pinnacol Assurance distributed workers’ compensation dividend checks to 2,582 of its Colorado restaurant customers across the state. This is the ninth consecutive year Pinnacol has issued the dividend. 

Pinnacol’s board of directors approved a total general dividend of $15 million to the insurer’s customers in all industries. More than 48,000 employers throughout Colorado received a dividend. 

Pinnacol operates like a mutual insurer, treating its customers as its owners, which makes them eligible to receive an annual dividend based on Pinnacol’s financial performance. Dividend checks are calculated based on the customer’s premium size and performance. The average dividend check for Colorado restaurants was $580.

“By reinvesting in what matters most, we equip businesses to thrive and grow in today’s dynamic marketplace,” said Pinnacol President and CEO John O’Donnell. “This year’s general dividend underscores Pinnacol’s partnership with Colorado’s businesses and employers, as well as our financial strength and responsible stewardship.”

Beyond financial performance, injured workers rate Pinnacol as the top-performing workers’ compensation carrier in Colorado according to a state-issued report. And Pinnacol customers give the insurer a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 62, compared to the industry average of 28, demonstrating Pinnacol’s commitment to caring for customers and their injured workers.

From our partners at Pinnacol

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