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From increasing margins to creating efficiencies and improving the guest experience—take heart, Colorado restaurateurs: adding technology to your team can help boost revenue and morale.

The Colorado Restaurant Association’s preferred technology partner, SpotOn, has the top three tech tools that combine front-of-house and back-of-house considerations to help your business grow.

  • Handheld POS.
This tech makes it possible for servers to take orders and payments tableside. The beauty of having a handheld POS system in place is that servers can spend more time building rapport with customers, and less time running from table to kitchen. Additionally, when orders are sent directly from table to kitchen, they get processed more accurately. Servers love that it helps them turn more (happier) tables faster.
  • QR Code Ordering. 

Point. Click. Order. Pay. QR codes make it as simple as that for guests to order or pay whenever they’re ready, directly from their mobile device. Whether it’s that second (or third) round of drinks, an extra appetizer, or a text from the babysitter that means they need to get home quickly, QR codes reduce friction for guests during shorter-staffed and busier service times by allowing them to order and pay when they want. This is a simple way to streamline service and cultivate happier guests and higher check values.

  • Kitchen Display Screen (KDS).

You’ve heard of the paperless office, think of a paperless kitchen. Easy-to-read Kitchen Display Screens (KDS) boost kitchen productivity with a lightning fast, easy-to-use ticketing solution that funnels orders directly from your POS stations to the kitchen stations. This enables kitchen staff to keep orders coming out faster and more accurately, no more deciphering handwriting or delegating tasks. It’s all there on the screen, for everyone to see.

As a restaurant owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Adding technology to your team not only makes it easier to balance day-to-day operations, but to build your business by increasing revenue and reducing costs. An added bonus? Streamlining efficiencies by automating with technology gives you and your team more time to focus on what you do best–create incredible experiences for your guests.

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