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The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time to focus on creating a festive experience for your Colorado customers. Consumers are looking for unique experiences, specials, and festive food and drinks. Provide any combination of those in-person or online, and you’ll easily attract new customers and keep the current ones happy and loyal.

While the efforts to offer a great customer experience are more tangible in-person, online ordering can be as satisfying as 5-star service. Plus, it will help keep the revenue rolling. Here are three tips to improve your online ordering service during the holidays.

1. Prepare for incoming orders.

With the ongoing shortage of cooks and servers, you might not be able to meet the demand for both dine-in and takeout orders.

Pacing orders would allow you to be flexible and control how many online orders you accept over any period of time. It helps cut the risk of being overwhelmed at any given time, taking the stress and guesswork out of managing an online ordering system. Plus, customers can confidently place orders during peak hours and be sure that it will be processed in the estimated time presented to them.

2. Create a hassle-free customer experience.

Customers want to get what they need quickly and with as little friction as possible. That means your online ordering platform needs a seamless path to checkout.

  • Test your website and platform and make sure it is easy to navigate.
  • After, take your storefront experience up a notch and add festive designs alongside your logo and brand colors.
  • Personalize the experience as much as you can, while making sure customer favorites are easy to find.
  • Offer several options to pay. Do you have an Apple & Google Pay integration? By providing more options, you make the payment process faster and easier.

3. Create strategic holiday marketing and promotions.

Send an email wishing your customers a happy holiday season and let them know about any events you’re hosting, as well as any new or seasonal products and services you have. Make sure to offer a holiday deal to create an extra incentive for your customers to order again and remind them why they love your business. Think of the beginning of the season as a warm-up leading into Christmas and New Year’s when crafting your marketing calendar—then make a point to send out regular emails and deals.

Want to get in on the gift-buying and giving profits? Easy—offer gift cards. Gift cards are an excellent opportunity for your customers to support you and are a low-cost way to encourage repeat visits.

Finally, be sure to communicate your holiday events or special pricing clearly. To do this, update your website, post on social media, and send limited-time promotions to every email you have collected.

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