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From our partners at the National Restaurant Association

More than 500 professional chefs weighed in on the What’s Hot 2023 Culinary Forecast to tell us what they see as the leading menu trends for the coming year.

Drawing on their culinary expertise, the Association’s What’s Hot report forecasts top menu trends from a list of 110 items in 11 categories, curated by the Association and Technomic’s Menu Research & Insights Division.

Categories include hottest items by:

  • daypart
  • menu section (appetizers, sides, desserts, etc.)
  • alcohol and non-alcohol beverages
  • flavorings
  • global influences
  • industry macro-trends

This report presents the top 10 Hot Trends overall, the top Hot Trend in each of the 11 categories, and the top 3 Hot Trends from each category.

Also included: Ones to watch—emerging trends—and trends that chefs tell us are cooling down.

Are your menus on trend? Download your copy of the report today.